Cybersecurity Awareness Month Speakers Bio

Tony Cusato

Tony is a blend of technologist, leader, and mentor with over 39 years at IBM, translating complex cybersecurity and technological frameworks into safe, effective business practices – has become a beacon of cybersecurity and technological excellence and innovation within the industry. Passionate about building trust and leading teams through emotional connectivity. Tony dedicates himself to harnessing a growth mindset and emotional & positive intelligence in driving impactful business results and outcomes. From providing cybersecurity solutions within IBM’s CISO execution arm to acting as the technical backbone for globally renowned events like the 1998 Winter and 2000 Summer Olympic games, his journey underscores a dedication to both meticulous technical implementation and fostering sustainable human relations. Tony also helped launch PS27 Ventures and is their Senior Technology & Security Advisor, where he propels entrepreneurs to scale their groundbreaking ideas, ensuring their technological and security strategies are not only robust but also foresightful. Tony also was the Acting CIO at the Open Invention Network in support of Open Source software. Tony is embedded with not just technical strategic aptitude, but also human-centric leadership.

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Jack Santaroni

With a career spanning over six years in the dynamic field of cybersecurity, Jack has honed his expertise through a diverse range of experiences. His journey began in 2016 when he enlisted in the Air Force National Guard as an Information Assurance Specialist right after high school. This invaluable experience laid the groundwork for his passion and commitment to cybersecurity.

In 2016, Jack also began his freshman year at MSMC, pursuing a B.A. in Information Technology with a concentration in Networking and Cyber Security. During his undergraduate years at MSMC, Jack was able to balance his studies with part-time duties in the Air Force National Guard. This dual role provided him with a unique perspective, allowing him to apply theoretical knowledge learned at MSMC to real-world scenarios. It was during this time that he was exposed to various governance, risk management, and compliance practices, as well as hands-on technical tasks including vulnerability management, endpoint protection, and data loss prevention. A pivotal aspect of his role as an Information Assurance Specialist was in-depth exposure to the NIST Risk Management Framework, where he played a crucial part in maintaining an active Authorization to Operate by continuously assessing compliance with well over 1000 security controls. This experience not only refined his technical skills but also deepened his understanding of the strategic importance of cybersecurity.

After earning his undergraduate degree in May 2020, Jack transitioned seamlessly into a full-time role with the Air Force National Guard. In October 2020, he then enrolled in an online graduate program at Champlain College, focusing on obtaining his M.S. in Information Security Operations. This two-year program broadened his horizons, exposing him to master’s-level information security topics enforcing critical understanding and providing a deeper appreciation for the nuances of the cybersecurity landscape.

In November 2022, Jack pursued a role as a Proactive Security Consultant at Unit 42 by Palo Alto Networks, where he currently works. In this capacity, Jack assesses security risk for client organizations across multiple frameworks. He acts as an advocate for cybersecurity risk management, providing robust recommendations to bolster their security. His responsibilities encompass conducting risk assessments, reviewing policies, enhancing security programs, and leading tabletop exercises for clients.

Jack is thrilled to return to MSMC to be a part of the career panel, where he looks forward to sharing his journey and insights on his transition from student to a thriving cybersecurity professional.

Ryan Bellows

In 2020, Ryan earned his degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Cybersecurity and a minor in Philosophy from Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC). During his time at MSMC, he also had the opportunity to be a part of the 2018 Cross Country team.
Upon graduation, Ryan embarked on his professional journey at the United States Military Academy at West Point. As a Cybersecurity Analyst, he was responsible for incident response and managing the vulnerabilities of their public-facing assets.
Currently, Ryan is furthering his education in Cybersecurity at New York University while simultaneously working at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. At Regeneron, Ryan is tasked with setting up and running their insider threat program.

Sean Jennings

Sean is a full-time Cybersecurity Analyst at Central Hudson Gas & Electric and a member of the Wing Cybersecurity Office at Stewart Airlift Wing in the Air National Guard. Sean graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s IT program in 2017 where he also created/ran the Byte Knights IT Club and was also a captain of the lacrosse team. Additionally, Sean has earned a Masters in Cybersecurity from Fordham, and have Sec+, CRISC, and CISSP certifications