Welcome to Center for Cybersecurity at Mount Saint Mary College. Housed under the Division of Mathematics & Information Technology, the Center for Cybersecurity is the hub of Mount’s cybersecurity curriculum and practice. The purpose of the center is to:

  • Provide program guidance and oversight to BS in Cybersecurity and BA in Information Technology with concentration in programs offered at the Mount.
  • Provide access to updated general cyber defense resources to students, faculty, staff at Mount Saint Mary College and the external community at large.
  • Facilitate collaboration and outreach opportunities among students, faculty, and other institutions.
  • Host cybersecurity events including cybersecurity awareness and education for local schools and external community at large.
  • Collaborate with the industry to determine internships opportunity for students, host job fairs and guest speakers.
  • Explore external grant opportunities for the enhancements of cybersecurity defense education.
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